Free Art!

You Create!

Oh, you thought I would just hand you art? Oh, no!
However, we have created a process by which patrons of Paint 'n Sip

can "pay-it-forward" and purchase a ticket to a future class.

For each pay-it-forward ticket, Paint 'n Sip adds in another free ticket.

This means we have lots of classes to give away!
(Our customers are the best!)

So, if you:
can't afford a ticket, need a pick me up, haven't had a gift in a while, had a crappy day, need something just for you, are scared the ticket price isn't worth it, or just want it, because, garshdarnit, you're special.

Whatever the reason, if we have a class available to give away, I'll give you one.


There are a couple of requirements:

  1. You must show up!
    Don't take a gift class and then not show up for class. (That's just rude)

  2. You must participate!
    This is not a spectator sport, plan to do the art piece requested
    3. Only take what you need!
    If receiving a free art class doesn't spark joy, don't take one. 

To request a free session, check out our availability and pick a time at 

least 1 week in advance.
Send an email to with the subject line:
I am an artist
In the body of the email, let me know which class you want to take and your full name. (That's it! Nothing more! No reasons needed). 

And yes, I know you might not be an artist (yet), but we create our own reality, right? 


If that class has spots available, I'll manually sign you up and you'll receive an email confirmation.
If you don't receive a confirmation, there were no spots available for that class. Feel free to try again for another class that you're interested in.